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Design Search

A plan patent is a type of legitimate security of the exceptional visual characteristics of fabricated things. A plan patent might be conceded if the item has a particular setup, unmistakable surface ornamentation or both. An existence of a plan patent is a long time from the date of award.

Importance of Design Search

The world’s top cell phone rivals have been in court over licenses since 2011, when Apple recorded a claim charging that Samsung’s cell phones and tablets “thoughtlessly” replicated its items. Jury Awards Apple $539 Million in Samsung Patent Case.

Without recording a patent on your plan, you may risk a copycat configuration being utilized by contenders.

We approach various information bases : Orbit plan, Patbase, Thomson Innovation, XLPAT, Global Design Database and Other public information bases

We follow a detailed process to scrutinize the key elements for every design.

  • Analysing Locarno classes
  • Citation based search
  • Keyword based search
  • Assignee/Owner based search
  • Product based search
  • Similarity-based search

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