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Office Action Response

At Patforb, we work under management of your lawyers and draft a draft reaction for Office Action Responses (OAR). Drafting Responses to Office Actions empowers you to conquer the patent inspector’s issue with the patent application while arranging guarantee scope.


The non-final Office Action includes a first evaluation of the patent claims after the filing of a patent application. In the non-final office action, the patent examiner states his/her opinion on the patentability and patent-eligibility of the claims. After a review of the non-final office action, the applicant has the option of amending the claims, the specification, and the drawings to overcome the examiner’s rejections/objections.


 The final office action, as the name suggests, is the last set of rejections/objections that is issued by the examiner after reviewing the applicant’s response to the non-final office action(s). The final office action may include the same rejections as the non-final office action(s) or may include new rejections.


An International Search Report (ISR) is issued under the provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) by an International Search Authority (ISA) chosen at the time of filing of the PCT application. The ISR includes a list of identified documents, as a Search Report, which might be pertinent to the patentability of the claims in the PCT application. Along with the Search Report, the ISA additionally gives a Written Opinion underlying the basis of the evaluation of the patentability of claims by the ISA. Responding to the ISR issued by the ISA helps in expediting the prosecution of the PCT application when it enters the National/Regional Phase in various jurisdictions.

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