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Landscape & White Space Analysis

Patforb offers exceptionally high quality patent search and analysis around a wide variety of technology fields and can show the technology whitespace for planning the innovation, technology and business strategy development of the Companies. 

Aim & Use

PatForB IP Landscape services are offered to help the companies for informed business decision making for strategic decision making.

It’s very important to understand the IP and technology whitespace in a technology field before the business makes an investment decision for various business scenarios like New  Technology Development (NTD) programs  , New Product Introduction (NPI) programs, Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activities, identification of partners for new technology development etc. and the PatForB IP Landscapes can not only provide an insight about the technology situation , but also can provide you necessary advisory services for your business planning. 

PatForB IP Landscape Reports

Here at PatForB, we don’t believe in providing fancy charts for all the technology landscape questions and we provide customized reports based on the significance of the question and sometimes indeed there is a need to include good graphical representation of the technology scenarios. 

We have domain experts who are specialized in the technology domain and also having expertise in patent information and analytics and will make custom reports based on the business problem which they works on. They can also provide business , technology and innovation insights based on the IP situation.

If you would like to know more details about PatForB IP Landscape services, please write an email to us (consultant@patforb.com)

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