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Drafting & Prosecution Support

Thoughts and development should be deliberately enveloped with the type of a patent archive. Drafting a patent includes understanding the innovation and controlling the words with no adjustment in the importance of the development.

Patent Drafting & Illustrations

Patent drafting is a skill of techno-legal writing to convert Ideas and innovation into a patent. Drafting a patent involves understanding the invention and covering both technical aspects of the invention and legal obligations set by the local patent law in a given jurisdiction. We offer patent drafting service with full guidance in filing the patent application.

Office Action Response

Drafting Responses to Office Actions enables you to overcome the patent examiner’s objection to the patent application while negotiating claim scope.

Deposition Summarization

Deposition summary services are an unavoidable area for litigation attorneys. Also it’s one of the important stage of the discovery phase where it serves as direct pre-trial evidence for lawyers, specifically litigators, to be produced in a court.