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Patent Analytics and Consulting

PatForB offers all the kinds of Patent Analytics and Intellectual Property Consulting services.

Landscape & White Space Analysis

PATFORB offer Patent landscape and White space analysis. Patent landscape analysis provides insight into the innovations that gives a complete overview based on a very unique and valuable perspective on any specific technology and its commercial interests. Patent landscape provides a complete overview of the available opportunities and potential threat to us. It also helps to decide product/technology strategy at the early stage of development.

Technology Tracking

In the technology explosion world, where each year companies, start-ups are coming up with hundreds of newer technologies, it’s becoming hard and equally important to keep an eye on the technology trends.

Technology Overview & Market Study

To start or expand your business, the market plays an important role. Analysing the market in depth can help you shoot in the pain points.

Technology Scouting

PATFORB is a bit more complex than just tracking. And like other parts of the company, tech scouting teams depend on core systems and tools.

Competetor Benchmarking

Tracking your competitors helps you shoot potential markets at specific timeframe. Competitive benchmarking is the process of comparing your company against a number of competitors using a set collection of metrics. It is evaluated to measure the performance of a company and compare it to others over time.

Technology Licensing

License your technology and know the actual value of your invention before you practice it. Our multi-search service where we analyse your patent under different search services to overall know the actual market value.

Technology Due Diligence

We all dream of creating the next big thing, getting that investment that will help get us over the finish line, landing the partnership with one of the big players, getting acquired by one of the global giants.

R&D Innovation Support

In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.